Revolution No 7

Well it’s the New Year, and all the blogs I follow are full of people either making resolutions for the year ahead or swearing off resolutions for good. Personally I like making resolutions, I love a good to-do list, for the accountability it brings and also the perspective on how priorities have changed in the previous 12 months. It’s easy to get bogged down in the everyday minutia and forget what we’ve achieved.

I like this time of year for that reason, taking stock, celebrating what we’ve done well and resolving to do better at other things. Now is the time to get back on the horse with things that make our lives better and ditch the things that don’t work for us. (Now is the time to acknowledge you’re not going to finish Wuthering Heights however many times you try to read it, and hand it in to a charity shop rather than glowering at it guiltily every time you spot it on the shelf. Or maybe that’s just me…) Another year another revolution of the planet, time to dust ourselves off and start again.

Last year I actually did a lot of sound work, but I rarely wrote about it, I’d just got out of the habit of it. So this year’s resolution is to write a post every month on here about what sound projects I’m working on at the moment – big or little – the problems I’m encountering and the cool new things I’ve learned. And about sound things that are inspiring me or that I’m just enjoying. Yesterday for example I inhaled the entirety of Radio 4’s adaptation of Neverwhere and I’m dying to talk about how excellent Dirk Maggs sound design was, I need to make a post rather than just flailing about it briefly on twitter. I like twitter, it does provide a useful medium to get excited about sound stuff when I don’t have time to write a sensible/full length post, and I used to use it as a bookmark system for short films and sound projects that I wanted to write about but didn’t have time right now to do so, I should get back to that. And so we revolve again.

I did actually have a good reason for writing less last year. For the last few years I’ve been learning Gaelic, but in the last 18 months I’ve kicked up a gear by taking a Certificate of Higher Education in Gaelic through the UHI. It’s been challenging, and time consuming, but increasingly I understand more and more, so I think, worth it. However, it’s meant that any spare moment has been spent squeezing in extra vocabulary practice and grammar revision rather than writing here. Maybe I should combine the two and write about Sound Design in Gaelic? Now that would be truly specialised vocabulary… But, the course ends in April so hopefully normal service will resume then.

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