Lost Penguin Productions

Lost Penguin Productions is mainly about Sound Design; it’s also about editing, radio and audio drama, making documentaries and other short films on a shoe-string budget. Additionally it’s about education, social justice and the pen being mightier than the sword – especially when the pen happens to be a camera…

Currently based in Inverness and providing Sound Tech services to Gaelic News Media, so mostly to be found behind a sound desk in either the Radio nan Gàidheal studios or in the An La gallery.

This Blog…

Was started as a means to gather together all my various factual writings in one coherent place. It’s evolved a little in the intervening 10 years, however I still assert that the writing here is all mine, and my intellectual rights to retain authorship of it. In other words, quote me, criticise me, link me, argue with me, ignore me, laugh at me, but don’t pretend these words are yours.

For further queries contact info@lostpenguin.co.uk

© Wendy McCredie 2007-2022

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