Ten for 2010: Penguins Kill Polar Bears

I must confess that it was the name of the band that sparked my initial interest in this band. Given the name of this blog I couldn’t resist a name like that, so when I listened to recent single Homebound for the first time I was hugely relieved. I wasn’t going to have to love them ironically just because of the name, they were actually rather good.

Edinburgh based band, Penguins Kill Polar Bears were a late addition to the list, and had to fight pretty hard against The Scottish Enlightenment for a place on it. If I’d been doing singles rather than bands in general then it could well have gone the other way, as Little Sleep is probably a better song than Homebound, but I think at the heart of it is my conviction that Penguins Kill Polar Bears have a greater potential. To be something more than critically acclaimed and obscure, or briefly famous and quickly forgotten. Or maybe just ambition, there’s something about the scale of their songs that makes me think of stadiums and festival headliners. A band who have previously played surrounded in flames – and made it look quite cool – are not one that are likely afraid to make a big statement. From the rest of their songs its clear they aren’t anywhere near ready for that yet, but there’s something in Homebound that speaks of the potential to write the sort of epic anthems that I associate with Snow Patrol at their best. The rest of the songs on the album indicate that they’ve still got a ways to go until they’re quite ready for that sort of thing, but the potential is there. It might take a while to get there but I for one will be watching their progress with interest.

Here in fact is a video of them playing Homebound at the aforementioned flamey gig, though in this video it looks like the flames are on screens behind them rather than being surround by actual flames.  All power to whoever did the visuals for this gig, in some of the other videos from it, the stage does actually look as though its on fire.