Peatbog Fairies/Stanley Odd @ Celtic Connections

First gig of the year – its Celtic Connections (big celtic/folk festival in Glasgow) at the moment which is always a good time to go and see gigs – and makes me miss working in Glasgow and making spur of the moment gig attending decisions.

The Peatbog Fairies are one of many bands I’ve discovered since my hospital radio show morphed into being a Scottish music show. Bands I’ve discovered in the continuing quest for different music to play each week tend to fall into one of three categories, ‘new and/or obscure’, ‘oh I didn’t know they were Scottish, excellent’ or ‘folk’. Folk is a fairly broad church, as it covers various kinds of traditional scottish music styles and artists that use traditional instruments in new/innovative ways. I tend to take ‘would it look out of place on the bill at Celtic Connections?’ as a guideline if I have any doubts. My former trainee (who’s now graduated to a show of her own) suggested a few folk fusion bands to me, one of which were these fine fellows and they ended up being staples of the show. Naturally when I spotted they were playing at Celtic connections I had to go and see them live.
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