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Photographs from the last 15 years of Comtemporary art in Scotland by Alan Dimmock, runs from the 17th of February until the 13th of May 2012 at the GOMA in Glasgow. The photos are all in black and white and mainly focus on the arts in Glasgow, although there are representations from spaces and events in Dundee, Edinburgh and Stirling too.


There’s something transitory, almost ephemeral, about this exhibition of Alan Dimmock’s work, the way there is about all good photography. Some of the best pictures could stand alone, telling whole stories all by themselves. The rest do what art photography (and really all photography, even photojournalism) does best, it captures moments in time. Fleeting forgotten moments, captured out of context, that leave the viewer scouring the surrounding photos and captions for clues as to what happened next.


The subject matter adds to that impression, dealing as it does with art exhibitions, gigs, performance art projects, short film-making and other temporary cultural endeavours. Pop up galleries that you saw once and will never find again. Fortuitous confluences of the right people and objects at the right time to create something wonderful (or indeed the complete reverse) yet impermanent. All at once an utterly unimportant subject and a vitally important one. A record of the beating cultural heart of a city. An acknowledgement that these things happened, are remembered, mattered – that the people involved mattered.


So this too is a record, of something transitory and impermanent, but nonetheless worthwhile.