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A long term reader of this blog recently pointed out to me, that I haven’t written about any sound or film projects I’ve been working on for quite a while. This is largely because for most of the last year I’ve been working for a production company and thus a lot of my work is either longer term or I can’t talk about it yet! I’ve been working on a couple of sound projects I’m really excited about for a couple of different museums, and once they open during the summer I’ll be able to write about the joys and challenges of those. However, in the meantime, part of one of the projects I’m working on was featured on the company website so I thought I’d let you see me, hard at work.

Here I am starring on the company blog, recording foley for one of our projects in my little sound booth. I’m without headphones because I was being camera operative that day as well and I kept getting tangled up in the wires. Wendy Making Strange Noises.

It’s amazing how many useful objects and substances for creating foley can be found in your average office (especially one with a kitchen) and how often a nearby pound shop will come in useful.