Ten for 2010: Sunrise Not Secular

Next up in the 10 for 2010 series we have the excellent Sunrise not Secular, admittedly not the catchiest of band names, but I like to think it probably sounds better in Gaelic. Either way they are very much in the tradition of celtic rock bands of the eighties and nineties, all sweeping choruses, driving drums and distinctive guitar riffs. In fact Fon Sgiath from 2009’s An Dealbh Mhòr (The Big Picture) EP has an opening riff that wears its Big Country influences on its sleeve, and I suppose if I had to sum the band up to someone in five words they would be: ‘Think Big Country in Gaelic’. Which admittedly wouldn’t be entirely accurate as they do sing in English too, dividing both their EPs between Gaelic and English language tunes, but all their best tunes are in Gaelic so it sort of works.

Sunrise not Secular hail from Stornoway on Lewis and after touring around Europe last year, played their last gig at the Barra Festival and broke up in June of 2010. I was a bit disappointed when I made my list for this project to discover that only one band who sing in Gaelic had made the list, but I wrote about Na Gathan and Niteworks earlier in the year when I was talking about the Rapal new Gaelic song competition. Given that SNS were my favourite of the bands I discovered through the Rapal competition and they only got a passing mention from me back then, they deserve their wee moment in the sun now.

Farewell boys, you were pretty much gone by the time you ear wormed your way into my affections but you left behind some mighty good tunes for us to remember you by.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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