So a fortnight ago I did my twelfth and final film for this challenge, it took me much longer than a year but that was mostly because I didn’t actually watch a lot of films. Because it was taking me so much longer to do the challenge than I’d expected it made me count how many films I’d never seen before that I was watching in general terms and the answer was very few. Since January this year I’ve watched twelve films I hadn’t seen previously, eight of those were for this challenge. (If nothing else this challenge has made me watch a lot of films that would otherwise have continued to lurk on my ‘to watch’ list and introduced my mum to the pleasures of Mira Nair’s films.) It’s somewhat challenged my perceptions of my own film watching, I’d always thought of my film watching as being fairly diverse, not as diverse as I’d like (obviously, I’d hardly be doing this challenge if I thought it was) but more diverse than a lot of people I know certainly. And while yes, the latter part remains true, my film watching is a lot less diverse than I would like to think and I really need to work to change that on a longer term basis. I watched quite a lot of films from places I’d never seen films from before but my non-European film-watching remains centred almost entirely on Asia, just shifted further west across the continent with Bollywood films (which due to where I now work is an industry I could easily do the entire challenge in) fast becoming my safety net where Japanese martial-arts films were before. Obviously I need to push out of the comfort zone, so I’m going to make an effort to see more Indian cinema from outside the Bollywood system, I’ve had some really interesting recommendations of Tamil cinema for a start. Other than that I’m keen to watch more cinema in indigenous/minority languages, because those are my pet loves outside this challenge too.

I think I really need to start at the beginning again, I’ve got a bunch of films from various parts of Africa that I intended to watch and never got round to for a start…   Recommendations appreciated as always.

1. Samson and Delilah

2. Bed of Flowers

3. 7 Khoon Maaf/7 Sins Forgiven

4. Halaw/Ways of the Sea

5. Nobody Knows About Persian Cats/Kasi-az-gorbehaye-irani-khabar-nadareh

6. Bamako

7. Happy Together/Chun Gwong Cha Sit

8. Red Cliff/Chi Bi

9. Mesnak/Turtle

10. Abouna

11. Daratt

12. Rouge Parole