Lately my life has involved lots of research on Liverpool, as I’ve been interning with a media company in Glasgow. You’d be amazed at all the random arts/film/media stuff there is relating to Liverpool, such as the recent Go Penguins! public art project – lots of interesting public art to be honest – or the Outsider’s Film Festival. (Actually there’s a long ranting post I’m resisting making about the number of interesting film festivals that didn’t run last year due to a lack of funding, I feel someone who knows lots more about funding than I do should write it – if someone has, do let me know I’d like to read it.) Mainly though I wanted to share a gorgeous little short film that was part of the DaDaFest last year. Held each year in November the festival combines film, theatre, workshops, art exhibitons, music and performance art, to promote art by deaf and disabled artists.

Is the highlights of the 2008 fest and features an audio description that feels like an integrated part of the piece rather than something tacked on afterwards.

Is a film called The Rose by Caroline Parker, featuring a combination of animation and, what I can only describe as, singing in sign language. It’s a gorgeous little film and, while I imagine that someone who is fluent in BSL would get a lot more out of it, there seems to be a fair bit of mime in there too, conveying the jist of it to those who aren’t, so I’d recommend it heartily.