Pumzi is a short science fiction film by director Wanuri Kahiu (From a Whisper). I will admit that I was bias toward the film from before I watched the trailer the first time. A science fiction film with strong female lead character, not only that but directed by a woman? The story is based on the concept of a world where you have to pay for the air you breathe, set in a post water war world, the trailer paints a fascinating future world and an intriguing mystery. From the trailer it appears to lean more towards the thoughtful end of the science fiction genre rather than the bombastic one. Also the thought of a Kenyan science fiction film (filmed in South African, starring role played by actress Kudzani Moswela from Botswana) fills me with delight.

The film was screened last month at the Sundance Film Festival, which will hopefully mean that the director will get the funding to expand this into a full-length film. According to her interview with wired.com, where she also talks about the difficulties of distribution, she hopes to distribute Pumzi online so hopefully those of us who couldn’t make it to Sundance will get to see the film soon.